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Attrition? Staff shortage? Vs wages

All I hear is that attrition is high with little do no back fill which feeds into staff shortages.
Ok, so if you’re down 20-30% to keep what staff you do have, then why not take the pay you wold have given to those that left and disperse among whoever is left that you do have as an incentive to keep them here. Unfortunately, no…no….that’s not the Citi way.
Instead Citi offers nothing. When you leave they counter offer with a smaller portion of what your new job if paying you and then later develop a study group to figure out why the counter offers aren’t working. This ladies and gentlemen, this is your leadership thought process.

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At least someone out there appreciates their staff.

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Now thats funny to me.
Your order of priority it broken. I can prove this because the shareholders haven’t seen anything. No rise in stock price, no decent dividend payout. It’s more like

Exec, compliance fines and that’s it.

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Order of priority...

Executives, Shareholders, Customers, Employees

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Management’s bonuses are tied to P&L……..this is why they don’t pay employees what they are worth. If they did, then less $$$ for them. Think about that………….

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