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The tables have turned

Citi manages out of fear. They are so quick to say “if you don’t like it, find a job somewhere else”. Now the tables are turned. Management has no idea how to stop the loss of tenured talented staff. If they think that free pizza Thursday will save the day, then they are more out of touch than what I think they are.

Even on the cusp of an impending recession to come, people are still willing to move on to somewhere else even knowing that if things get worse out of the recession and “last hired, first fired” applies to them, they still are wiling to leave.

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Seems like MS is taking care of their people:

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Imagine being such a jerk of a CEO that you force your employees back to the office while:
Fuel prices are a joke
Food is costing more for less
House prices are beyond all comprehension
1 in 4 people are in poverty
The health crisis deepens
Mental ill health is off the chart

Considering that those employees kept your lights on and paid your bills for the past 2 years while working from home, it's time to show them some gratitude.
Maybe start by giving pay rises and offering flexibility as standard? And not that '3 days in 2 days from home' cop-out.

No business owner is truly self-made.
Your people made you.
They built the tower you look down from and only a fool would forget that.

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If you have to pay more to hire new employees that means the market has gone up and your current employees need a raise to match.

Don't punish loyal employees for sticking with you by allowing their compensation to fall behind the market.

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