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Many better opportunities outside

It is a pity that this company no longer knows how to keep quality people. I am disappointed to see SAS today because it used to be nice to work here. At the same time, I am surprised at how many better opportunities there are outside. SAS is becoming less and less competitive. Given that, isn't it a miracle that there are still talented people working here?

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also really enjoying post-SAS life doing actual analytics while mostly using newer, more popular, more rapidly evolving tools. still use a little SAS on occasion, but it's very much "legacy" out here in the real world. some older workers prefer it. younger generations haven't heard of it, or regard it as a dinosaur tech that would hurt their resumes. sad to see, but it's the way of all software and tech.

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One of the things about SAS that that has always been attractive is the level of comfort and security.

Most employees realize that more money can be obtained working elsewhere but make the decision to stay for the lifestyle. I did for many years while my children were young.

I moved on as they became older and more self sufficient. The money has been worth the volatility and increased workload since leaving in my case.

Whether its focusing on a young family or possibly cruising during the home stretch towards retirement, SAS was always a good option.

Things are changing and will continue to change but many folks will be able to enjoy a fairly cushy lifestyle should they so choose for a bit longer.

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Unless SAS is acquired/bought out or a similar external event, unfortunately it is a sinking ship indeed in its current state. If Microsoft saw a value in acquiring SAS, it would have done that a long ago so anyone still hoping for that is only going to get disappointed. Look for jobs outside while you can on your own terms rather than being desperate later when true layoffs start happening here.

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