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Layoffs incoming

The frauds at corporate did their best to hide the terrible 1Q results in the last earnings release. Hundreds of Millions spent of mergers, divestitures, layoffs, “synergies”, and the company can simply only point to EPS growth after buying back a lot of shares.

Behind the scenes, they are on the warpath blaming divisions for their failures. They fail to understand that the majority of employees outside of Melbourne absolutely hate working for this corporation. Until they take a step back and understand why that is the case, the company will continue to go down the gutter.

The new Agile Development Group that was formed was nothing more than a publicity stunt. In reality, they cut all IRAD funding from that group the day that it was announced to the public. Now key people are leaving in droves while corporate leadership only focuses on profits and cash flow . Can’t make this stuff up…

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No layoffs when there's no people. Cannot layoff the people you do not have. Unless you work at a division or sector that is not important. I work in the Greenville plant and we have no people. Every department is short or will be short soon. This is due to lack of clearances, lack of competitive pay or lack or progression.

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It is already beginning. It is starting at the sector and segment levels and has been picking up steam with a lot of under that radar departures. It has yet to hit bloated Melbourne….

Let’s just say the corporation is at a point where they don’t mind seeing people leave for other opportunities as it does the job for them.

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You didn't get any replies nor did you update this thread.
Am I guessing correctly that there were no layoffs?

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