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Your future in your own hands.

Don’t wait around for Citi to pay you more, to offer you more. It won’t happen. The best that management can do is catering to pizza Friday or bagel Wednesday and that’s as good as its going to get. When compared to other companies, it’s embarrassing. I won’t detail as to how, you can read other posts that already discuss as to why.

Take things into your own hands. Update your resume, spend some time every day looking at job posts at your favorite job board, LinkedIn is a good one. Don’t wait around for a response, keep applying. Most companies are have already adjusted their offered salaries to accommodate for inflation. My take is any offer that’s 20% more than what you’re making right now, take it and move on. You’ll find you’ll have a menu of options that Citi won’t offer your. Permanent remote work from home, no oncall or page, more money, more vacay time, bigger bonuses, larger raises. You can have it all you just have to go get it. You sure won’t find at Citi that’s for sure.

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The main problem is the glamorization of overworking until you have no life other than Citi. If you can conform to that way of life, then you’ll do just fine.

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If anyone thinks that Citi values their employees anymore than being an asset or commodity to be traded, used and discarded at will, then they are delusional. Even those that benefit from the ESG push are the same just a more valuable showcase commodity to the world.

Leave, leave now. Take the best offer given and just leave. Relearn how to be happy where you work.

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