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Sell your soul to Samsung

Samsung entices you with higher than average salaries and hefty bonuses, but you're selling your soul to the devil for that fat paycheck. Forget about enjoying your money with your loved ones, though. If you're an exec you'll be required to spend the week before Christmas in Korea sitting through meeting after meeting and mandatory dinners where you are expected to drink heavily and ridiculed in Korean if you don't (and forget about any promotions after that too). They'll give you perks like the newest mobile devices, but then expect you to be reachable 24/7 including weekends and vacations, if you can actually take one. They will burn you out, chew you up and sp-t you out for "emerging talent" aka cheaper new MBA grads they think they can mold but who will actually leave for a better work-life balance after enough time to pad their resume with the Samsung name. But don't quit - wait until you get laid off (and you will) for the severance.

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And your point is?
Everyone sells their soul somehow... to someone, or something. Money makes me happy. If you aren't born into it, this is certainly a viable option.

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