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I finally landed a new job

It's a decent improvement in pay and, from what I can see, a huge improvement in company culture. I start in August so I'll stick it out here for a few more weeks, but once I leave, I have no intention of ever looking back. This was once a good workplace but it has gone downhill so much that I'd rather block it out completely. I can't wait to be done with it.

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It was once a prestigious company that people felt special and aspired to be a part of. Now,They’re a joke among the industry and they’ll hire any breathing part time body. It’s no longer a career minded company. It’s disposable employee attitude is more like a fast food chain. As a youngster I was in awe in a bookstore and those who worked there. It once was. Sadly you can barely find anything but the same old backlist titles. Toys, puzzles, cheap junk make it look more like a dollar store than a BOOKstore.This is rambling but you get the point. The greatness is long gone..

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It's sad that B&N turned into such an awful place to work. But all of the corporations watch what the others are doing. I say, find or start a UNION- it's your only safeguard. Or you too, could be screwed the way many of us were with this sleazy company!

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