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Salary Range Needed - Digital Product Manager

Hi can someone internal please give me the salary range for a Digital Product Manager in Irving, Texas?


C13 VP

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Boss: "We can't afford the pay rise he wants."
HR Manager: "Then we should pay it."
"What?! Why?" asked Boss.
Hr Manager replied:
"If we can't afford his increase,
we can't afford to advertise, interview,
hire, pay and train his replacement.

It costs less to keep staff than replace them. Invest in your employees.

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Nice! Im in NY a C12 and I get paid $100K. I should be getting more so I decided to leave. With inflation I can no longer survive with my salary. Rent alone here is more than 50% of my monthly income. Good luck hope you get a nice salary to start.

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I was hired last year to a comparable role/title C13 and my offer was $125K base salary. There is a bonus structure but I was too new to get a bonus (or a raise at YE). Also, I am not in the NY office, saying that because salaries are higher there.

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Multiply what you want by 0.7987 and that will land you on what they offer.

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Angle for whatever you are making now plus 20%.

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