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Datacenter Infrastructure

Here is my opinion. The datacenter infrastructure is the biggest POS you'll find for a "tech" company. They don't even carry maintenance on their core datacenter switching gear.

One time a line card blew on a Cisco switch, and the switch was so old and not under maintenance, they had to look at gray market or even ebay to find a replacement. They've ticked Cisco off so much that Cisco won't float them loaners or otherwise work with them.

Their IT management is a sick joke. You can't find someplace (anyplace) else to work tech. Don't waste part of your life that you'll never get back.

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Yeap this company has some cr-p knocking around the place, only there for few years but what an eye opener!

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My opinions of the teams based on 10 plus years....hopefully will save someone from wasting there time, a good place to get experience and move on like so many have over the years.

Networks - Rubbish
Infrastructure - Meh
File Transfer - Meh
UC - Rubbish
Assurance - Alright
Desktops - Meh
Cyber - Alright
Ecommerce - Alright
Virtual Desktops - Alright
Project Management - Meh
ISS - Alright
Software Config Management - Alright
Digital - Alright
Development - Meh
Quality Assurance - Rubbish
Project Management Office - Meh
Robotics - Alright

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A lot of companies run old legacy operating systems and and systems, but the difference is are the risks they pose mitigated by wrapping them around great technology (alerting, security, automated actions).

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Buddy, you think that's bad - they were still running machines on windows server 2003 when I left in 2019. They're a data breach nightmare.

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Some of the teams are utter garbage, some are utter garbage with some stars and some teams are just full of stars, it depends on who is running each team and their understanding of the technology, business and general knowledge.

The Cisco issue mentioned above shouts (Network) being 'not so good', its been a sinking ship since some key team members left due to ridiculous and otherwise poor management - imagine being managed by the biggest 'dimwit' who is rude and has no idea of networking let alone computing and you will see where that team is going...thank goodness I have commonsense to leave that ship or should that be shi*

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