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You can’t drive OR park your Ford vehicle safely….

Washington — Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 2.9 million vehicles that may roll away after being put in park.

The recall affects Ford C-Max vehicles from model years 2013-18, Edges from 2015-18, Escapes from 2013-19, Fusions from 2013-16, and the Transit Connect from 2013-21, according to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The defect is caused by a part degrading or detaching, preventing the vehicle from shifting into the intended gear.

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I replaced one on mine. Wasn't $3 though. Ford wanted to charge for the entire shift cable assembly. Found some one online making the replacement bushings and charging $25. Still less than $160. So I ordered it and fixed it myself.

At Ford quality is job none.

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It's probably a plastic bushing that connects the transmission handle or dial to the metal rods that connect to the transmission. These are considered normal wear parts on older cars.

An easy fix that GM, Toyota, and Honda don't handle in a recall. With those cars, you get to pay for a tow and an hour of mechanics time to replace a $3 plastic circle.

Seriously, look at the videos on YouTube of people replacing these in their driveway.

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It's because vehicle programs are rushed these days.
And then there is the pandemic where you couldn't just force people into the factories.
Next to that a rejuvenated work force low in experience and methodical skill.
Then an escalation ladder for issue to address that's too hard to climb. You get management exposure bad enough to cost you your "career".
Reduction in prototypes, reduction in prototype quality, and production-level vehicles that are scarce and late.
It's the whole mix.

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I blame Nassar. Give Farley credit for anything good. Blame previous CEOs for anything bad.

Oh, and cut the workforce!! That always works.

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You know how the old saying goes….s**t rolls downhill…

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Where is the accountability? How do we have so many recalls yet no one is held to account?

If I botched my job this many times I think I’d be rightfully bounced. This is just embarrassing.

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