Thread regarding Ford layoffs

How goes those 401ks? Ford stock kicking something....

If you aren't convinced we are in the decline, what will it take?

Isn't it beautiful? 401ks going poof. Some saw this coming. Most others are experiencing the affects because they couldn't see it coming.

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I know enough people that were saving for a down payment. They didn't spend money on anything, kept their cars repaired and skipped a lot of life pleasures. Now the inflation is eating up all that sacrifice and they will still be without a house. Meanwhile, current home owners are looking at the gains of their life time. Don't look for fairness. Regardless of where you live in the world.

That said. At some point markets correct themselves out. And politics can ignore problems only so and so long. It will become better again, say in 5 years or so. If anyone is still wanting cars that can do xyz shenanigans idk.

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Markets go up, markets go down. If you can't stomach this you shouldn't be investing in the market.

And anyone that claims to have "seen this coming" probably took their money out years ago. The market has been due for a correction for 5+ years.

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This is the way of the stock market. The big money moved to blue chips last year, and moved to treasury bills early this year. You should never have money in the stock market or corporate bonds that you need in the next 10 years. So sit tight on 401k and keep accumulating thru the downturn.

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