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Free for the Pickin’. You store em we’ll steal em.

With automotive theft on the rise all across the U.S., thieves are becoming more and more brazen and taking on more and more risk. In fact, in recent months, those unsavory types have stolen wheels from numerous Ford performance vehicles in Michigan, as well as four brand new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 coupes that were stolen directly from the Flat Rock Assembly plant back in December. Now, thieves have once again made off with four or five Ford Mustang coupes from the Flat Rock plant, according to Fox 2 News in Detroit.

This time around, the thieves made off with the group of Ford Mustang coupes at around 3:20 am, but police were able to catch up to at least some of them. One person is currently in custody, while police managed to recover three of the pony cars, though it’s currently unclear how many people were involved, as well as how many cars they actually got away with.

Flat Rock Police immediately contacted the Detroit Regional Communications Center when the cars were stolen, which in turn notified a number of surrounding departments. Shortly afterward, Woodhaven Police happened upon a group of Mustangs at a gas station, but those folks quickly fled. Police opted not to chase after the suspects, instead tracking their movements from that point. However, a Shelby GT500 among the group ran out of gas on I-96, at which point the driver was apprehended and taken into custody.

Two more Mustangs were later found abandoned – both with no gas in their collective tanks, as the thieves were presumably interrupted before they could fill up – on I-75 near Livernois and in Warren. Both of those cars were also GT500s, and the three recovered models were taken in as evidence as this investigation is currently ongoing.

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It is another Ford revenue stream from insurance companies. Park tons of vehicles in lots where they know parts will be stolen and vehicles stolen and then make insurance claims at MSRP. This has been going on for decades. Anytime something doesn’t make real world sense, follow the money and it makes Ford sense. They make the repairs at Ford cost and pocket the difference.

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Funny how quiet Ford was on the loss of vehicles and vandalism until the Mustang story broke.

What consumer wants to pay a premium for a new vehicle damaged or recovered while sitting outside in the elements.

Wonder where these costs are hidden?

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