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This is why you need to stop telling people they'd be lucky to be laid off

Long time employee here. For longer term employees, you cannot easily find a job because:

  • You cannot find a job at your pay expectation in the area you live and you cannot relocate.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not every job can be done remotely.
  • You encounter age discrimination.
  • You are in a very specialized field that does not have many openings.


  • The unknown. Better the devil you know
  • New job may have less favorable working conditions (e.g., extensive travel).
  • You basically have to 'start over' to earn credibility. You don't have former co-workers than can vouch for your capabilities.
  • You will start out with less vacation time.
  • Those in the lease program with incremental may have to replace 2 or more vehicles.
  • Your next company may be better in some areas but toxic in other areas.
  • You will lose out on pension growth

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The original poster must be a LL6+ as they have multiple lease cars and are worried about not being in the good ole boys club at a future employer “ You basically have to 'start over' to earn credibility. You don't have former co-workers than can vouch for your capabilities‘

Given that the original poster WILL have a very difficult time finding employment post F as they specialized in F gamesmanship and good ole boy membership. Sorry but other employers aren’t interested in entitled F politicians, F shouldn’t be either, but F is all about the middle layers careers not about producing vehicles.

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Yes, there is age bias. It starts around age 35 nowadays and for some jobs much earlier.

But what is the solution now? Just "hoping" for the rest of your time not to get laid off? And then it might happen anyway because of things that were out of your control.

And what could counter age bias? What actually is it what companies are so afraid of when you are getting older? If you switch companies every other few years or so you could counter that argument. "Old" wouldn't have been able to do that. And if your pay expectations remain reasonable let's say. Or if you move to a different state?

The only way is to stay in the application game and remain flexible within what you are ok with. Unless you have company cars or a pension. That would be something to think about.

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Over 60, after getting cut I found a contracting gig paying 30% more than Ford. I had multiple offers within 3 weeks of getting laid off. If you are skilled, work hard and have a good attitude jobs are available.
On the vacation front, you just have to ask and you can negotiate vacation time.
On the relocation, different world now most jobs are work from home, if you ask.
On the lease car, well that is just poor financial decisions.
Of course you have to prove yourself at your new job, if you have skills, work hard and have a good attitude you will quickly prove yourself.

In the words of Henry Ford - “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

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you guys need to look up neuroplasticity. your mind is set up to maintain the course, be stable. to get going in a different direction, you have to apply some small but steady force to push it out of its comfort zone. it will not want to do it because its purpose is to maintain stability. bring everything back to steady state. like the steering system on a good car always should go back to straight forward if you let go of the wheel. you just have to realize, ah, that is what my mind is supposed to do, make me uncomfortable due to change. it's doing its job. but you can try to carefully override that via conscious choice. your mind wants to believe that it is tougher to get a job if you are over 40 so it can maintain its current state. it searches for reasons not to change. it may be right, sometimes but sometimes not. look it up.

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Couple things seem off in this.
"You will start out with less vacation time." - You can request whatever when you start. Every time I have switched employers I received the same or more vacation time as the previous.

"You cannot find a job at your pay expectation in the area you live and you cannot relocate." - A whole bunch of people have left because they found better paying jobs. If you have been inside the same company for more than 5 years, chances are you are more valuable in the job market than you are to your current employer.

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I’ve been at Ford 27 yrs.Retirement coming next contract for me.I would LOVE A LAYOFF.The union should push for 25 and out.I tell the young guys all the time “this place has NOTHING to offer “.I’m working on the line STILL just like the ones with 3 months seniority

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I agree and disagree.

I agree that no one is lucky to get laid off. I disagree that you cannot find another job in your area at your expected salary. That is defeatist and short-sighted. If it is going to happen, now is a good time for it to since there are so many jobs and companies looking for workers.

Remember, even during 2009-2010, the unemployment rates for folks with Bachelor or higher degrees was 3-4%. You will survive.

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Amen - once they see you are over 40 - good luck. Unless of course, you have special specific skills that they need - but we all know most Ford salary have become generalists and can't function working for a supplier.

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