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The management is driving attrition

Instead of having layoffs, they've decided to push out as many people as they can by piling on work, criticism, and amplifying stress as much as possible. They don't care who leaves, as long as people leave on their own so they don't have to pay severance/unemployment. Nobody can convince me that this is not what's been happening.

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Of course they are driving attrition. With very few back-fills. Why? Simple: Share price.

2nd quarter will be in the books in 8 days. It isn't going to be pretty. Mach-E makes no money. Lightning cannot be very high margin at that price point. Supply chain issues continue to cause difficulties with normal volume. Now throw exorbitant inflation, interest rates going up by .75%, and $5.30 gasoline, and this is a perfect storm. We could easily lose $2 billion in 2nd quarter without the Rivian investment to blame this time.

Most companies answer this by lowering costs. Like it or not, layoffs look good to investors. It signals that the company is serious about cutting costs. Obviously, savvy investors look at it and go "Ford is slashing employees, they won't be able to produce as many new things in the future." So it will only result in a small share bump. But Botox Bill needs to try to make money on all of those shares he hoarded earlier this year.

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You're lucky if you didn't have to work overtime.
The AICP bonus was fixed in PD though. They had raised it. And then took 10% off after announcing that they had raised it. Lol

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I've got over 30 years with company. Go to work every day, do what is needed and go home after putting in my 8 hours. No overtime. Love job and coworkers but don't allow work to stress me out.

Since the big 54% to 108% AICP fiasco many of my coworkers (salaried) just do the bare minimum. I lost count of how many times I've heard someone say "well that's my 54% for the day".

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Two things

  • most often incompetence explains what one might perceive as nefarious deeds
  • the continual expansion and protection of the corporate welfare masses forces all the work onto 10-20% of the salaried workers. Corporate welfare masses=family, friends, people who have something on the management/friends/family, warm bodies to make it appear that some LL is managing loads of people so their group can be split and the LL promoted.

Anyone watching from afar knows the solution is simple. Purge the corporate welfare masses and the LL who create and support its expansion.

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