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Overtaking Tesla

I think it's ridiculous to think that Ford will overtake Tesla. I recently read somewhere an article with a statement from the CEO that the company's goal is to sell more electric vehicles than Tesla. LOL.
But hypothetically speaking, is there any way Ford could overtake Tesla, maybe in 10 years? Can you imagine something like that? ... Sorry the post is not about layoffs.

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IDK @ 2czb+1hkU87UA todays town hall gave me flashbacks to college days. There was a professor who would just start spewing BS waiting for someone to catch on and question him. Most students swallowed it hook line and sinker and just kept on taking notes.

Of course the main difference is Ford leadership does not want questions, just blind followers.

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Ford will take the lead over Tesla on data, subscriptions (like Ford Pro), and mobility. Which once the automotive industry transforms, is where the action will be. During this mornings Town Hall our top leadership team showed the way and I am convinced. And speaking of connected data based business, Tesla doesn't even have anything they could even offer to compete.

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Ford is a business enterprise. In order for it to be a SUCCESSFUL business enterprise, immature products must not be allowed to leave the nursery before their time. New products have to be nurtured until they able to thrive as a mature and fully-developed vehicles. When they are recalled, it's a bit like your adult kids coming back home to live with mom and dad because they aren't quite ready to survive in the harsh outside world yet.

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Wow, Tesla has 4 of the Top 6 spots but will be overtaken by Ford. Nonsense.

The Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 captured a one-two punch in’s “American-Made” index, marking the second straight year a Tesla has captured the award. has compiled a list of qualifying vehicles built and bought in the United States since 2005. This year’s rankings brought five additional vehicles from the 90 cars that were assessed in 2021 and ranks the cars in the same five criteria: assembly location, parts content, engine origins, transmission origins, and U.S. manufacturing workforce.

For the second time in the 17-year-long index, an EV captured the first prize on the list. This is the second time an electric car has won the title of most American-made car, joining the Model 3’s label in 2021.

The Model Y ranked third last year and is produced in Fremont, California, and, as of this year, Austin, Texas, at Tesla’s newest U.S. production facility. This year, the Model Y took over its older sibling, the Model 3, in the rankings.

Tesla’s Model X and Model S also made the list in fifth and sixth place, respectively. gave Tesla props on its extensive presence on the list:

“Topping the 2022 index is Tesla, which not only retains its No. 1 overall ranking thanks to the Model Y, but furthers its presence on the list with all four vehicles of its current lineup placing in the top 10. The Model 3 drops one spot from 2021 to No. 2, the Model X comes in at No. 5, and the Model S follows at No. 6.”

The report states that the Model S and Model X were late to arrive for 2021 due to substantial updates to their designs. These updates “robbed them of sales data needed to meet our threshold for last year’s index,” said. Additionally, the Model S and Model X being added to the list, with the addition of Gigafactory Texas, solidified the company’s workforce credentials. “Tesla’s representation has never been more conspicuous,” the report stated.

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We strive to be the tallest mid-et in the group.

Name just one thing we lead the industry in (beside recalls).

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I think Ford totally can. Ford's production capacity is MASSIVE and they will be cheaper electric cars than Tesla, which is also a rolling smart phone.

Tesla has always been about crazy stock rallys and folks religiously following its purpose to transform. That generation will get older. Just like Facebook isn't "in" anymore.

The culprits I see from a product standpoint:

  • Quality
  • Dependency to other countries for elements/materials
  • Electricity grid capacity too small / rolling blackouts
  • People realizing the operating costs for electric cars will still be high
  • Product not interesting enough / competitive emotionally
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We will never catch Tesla because they lead, we follow. Want to know what crazy, hair brained scheme Chris'cousin will try next? Look at what Elon did 10 years ago.

I fully expect Chris' cousin to try to buy Facebook in 2031.

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@OP. You think your post is not related to layoffs, but I disagree. The moment FMC left the true and tried path (ICE, quality, innovation), and double down with a 50 billion investment in BEVs, all with the dream to beat Tesla at its own game, I knew we (NA workforce) are going to pay that with huge layoffs.

Why do people buy Tesla? Because they are "green" and want to save the planet? Pleeease. For most buyers, Tesla is easily the second or third car in the house. They buy Tesla like they buy Apple or Canada Goose: for status. To show the world they are "cool", rich, and "trendy".

Tesla is geared to a niche market (BEVs are less than 10% of car sales) for id--ts with money. The greatest accomplishment of Tesla was not the vertical integration, nor the innovative solutions, nor the gathering of such talent pool, but convincing people to buy disposable cars in the name of saving the planet.

Replacing an expensive battery after 10-12 years of use, will force most people to ditch their cars (like when people do in ICE when the repairs are more expensive than the actual value of the car), and will affect the resale value of the vehicle, shortening the lifecycle of the vehicle (AKA disposable).

Most knowledgeable people agree that BEVs are a short term solution, but it would be better to bet at other technologies as well. Ford bet all at BEVs, management doesn't care about quality, and they ki----g the golden goose (F-150), which doesn't fare well for us (NA workers).

Anyway, I digress. Tesla is selling more vehicles this year than the best years of the F series. Maybe is the pain at the pump, or maybe it is the extra liquidity in the economy. The way I see it, Tesla has cornered the BEV market, beating Ford, and most probably it will saturate the niche market before Ford can recoup any investment. The moment we find which is the "winning technology" (Fuel Cell, PHEV, HEV, BEV), is going to be late for FMC to turn around, and the company will go down like the Titanic.

So in short, there is no way in He-l that Ford can outsale Tesla. Yes, maybe Ford can build more BEVs, and park them in all the Dearborn lots, or sell them at a loss. But I find hard to believe that people are going to spend a shitload of money in a Ford piece of cr-p BEV, instead of a Tesla, specially with the (lack of) quality of our current products.

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Ford will never overtake tesla. Ford has been making internal combustion engines for over 100 years and they still can't get it right. Look at the 2.7L in the Bronco and the F150. Broken valves and totally destroyed engines. This happened to my coworker. Ford customer service even jerked him around for the tow and a loaner vehicle. His dead F150 sat in the middle of an intersection from 12:30am until 5am.

Customer focus my ru-p roast.

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Remember, this same genius predicted 100,000 Flex sales a year when he joined Ford and then said the redesigned Fusion would outsell Camry. Not only were did those predictions not come to fruition, both vehicles were dropped from the line up.

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It's not hard to imagine considering Ford is building 3x as many cars as Tesla currently. If Ford is serious about converting to EVs it would only take a handful of new product launches.

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If you would look at the total picture of future mobility, you will easily see that Ford leadership is gearing the company to be successful in this space. Selling electrified vehicles is one part. Data, connected and otherwise, is another part. Subscriptions another. Software yet another.

Tesla is a one trick pony, Ford will be more than that.

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Thanks CarCar. What flavor Kool-Aid are you drinking today. Dilusional.

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Tesla is conjob from day one, but got others in the mix.
People talk about the old Betamax vs. VHS in the tape wars.
They forget there was an even earlier one - on regular cassette tapes - called Funkshow.
That was the true innovator.

And there is nothing funkier than a musk ox bloated out in a field, ready to explode.
That first vulture that ventures in gets blown to sunday.

But I deviate from the topic.
Ford will be fine. It is, after all, a Brave New World.

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