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Saarlois production plant misses EV investment - likely to close 2025

Plant in Saarlois, Germany is likely shutting its doors in 2025 after well over 50 years. F decided Valencia, Spain production plants gets the bid for future EV manufacturing. Lot's of complaints by politicians and the union claiming F played both plants/countries by letting them compete for cost reduction measures with layoffs and voluntary salary cuts, reassuring officials each plant is on the right path. They claim F knew all along which plant would shut down but came up with this artificial competition to also reduce staff and pay in Spain. Some politicians went as far as verbalizing publicly that F lied to them and tricked them.
The other plant in Cologne, Germany will get a $2B investment for EV manufacturing.

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Fully expect SIGNIFICANT reduction in North American and European salaried GSRs. While simultaneously SIGNIFICANT increase in internships/apprenticeships associates in lesser developed regions. We won’t call them full time employees (lack of benefits and a appropriate salary) and we won’t call it slavery, its just an internship/apprenticeship. As we can see with continual turnover of staff in the lesser developed regions.

Sadly fully expect an increase in LLs, even though as @1oka notes the LL ranks should be cut in half at least.

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Based on Ford’s EV plans, I believe there will be many Ford plants closing in 2025. Based on Tesla’s recent 10% reduction in salaried staff (not hourly people who produce vehicles) Ford needs an immediate 30% reduction in salaried staff. A good start would be 50% of the 102 executives on our website who all earn in excess of $1,000,000 per year. That’s at least a $50,000,000+ cost savings right there. Next reduction, all LL3 and LL5 could go, and we wouldn’t miss 95% of them. There’s another couple hundred million in cost savings. We can do this better than Tesla!

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