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Is it me, or has Ford stock been on sale for over 10 years? Without question, Ford has been dreadfully run for the past decade or more. It's a Disgrace! Basically, joining the ranks of Boeing and GE. Congratulations!

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Anywhere in the western world can you see the decline, not just at Ford.

We're losing against far-east competitors for one. They are massive and we buy from them despite their "employee" abuse. They also own our debt which keeps the door open. The greedy sold them their companies, patents, ideas and know how. Selling a company to abroad means you push the life efforts of hundreds and thousands overseas. With that, our previous generations leave nothing behind our successors.

But there are other reasons: too many political leaders understand themselves as "lawmakers" only. And so, they build a system full of complicated rules. They have done their job right when every aspect of life is regulated in some fashion. It suffocates the free space that innovation requires. Big companies also don't like small competitors.

As a society, we're comfy now where we are. Many don't see the need to make massive improvements and after all, you are not going to overcome our system blowing you over constantly. Most simple people have been in survival mode for a long time.

The top 1% bags all the profits. So what do you want to slave yourself for when you gain nothing from it? Innovate in your company for a hobby? Go fishing...

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