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Something is brewing

Rest assured something is brewing, management in my area of ModelE have been having many workshops on how to restructure the organization. The reality is they have a $21B investment going into electrification and the returns are fleeting. It speaks volumes when the CFO openly admits this in public forum; therefore you know it is nothing good. Frankly I look at the direction the company has gone since I started there and when Mullally left it was back to business as usual. (Not saying his tenure was perfect but JFC was it better than the last two and the current one, at least he knew how to talk and not come of as pompous or strung out on dr-gs). Many people make the comparison to the Lions and that is probably the best analogy to the whole situation. The Ford family is just lost, almost like they are squeezing the last drops of milk out of the utter before they plug old Betsy with the 22.

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It would be showing mercy to old Betsy if it were a .22, instead they are using a pellet g-n taking 1000 tiny shots which is far more painful, and destructive overall ending.
We need another Henry to lead.

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