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Taking it too personal. Redirect things into motivational fuel.

There’s lots of anger out there and it’s unwarranted.
1st: It’s a job, not a cult. It’s a means in which to pay the bills, nothing more.

2nd: Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Citi cares about you, they don’t and never have. You are only worth the value that you bring to the Citi bottom line. You are a commodity, something to be traded or discarded at will as they see fit.

3rd: Likewise, you yourself can leave any time you want. Just like Citi can fire you for no reason, you yourself can leave Citi for no reason. While they’d like you to give a 2 week notice, you can walk away with a 2 second notice.

4th: If you don’t like your environment, then change your environment. Use any frustration as motivational fuel to find a job somewhere else.

5th: If you turn your notice in, see it through. If you retract it for a Citi counter offer, then you are being setup for a fall down the road. They know you are willing to move on but they’d rather you leave on their time line, not yours. You will be on a list to be let go once they have things in order (job replacement posted and or interviewing etc…)

6th: You’ll be paid what you’re worth, period. If you aren’t, then you are not being appreciated and then move on to another job somewhere else. You’re not going to change the mind of your manager or HR or whoever as to how much you think you deserve.

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If they lay you off, you don’t get a two week notice. You get a two second notice.
So, take a page out of their playbook. Leverage their own work ethic and give Citi a two second notice, the same amount of time you get when you’re laid off, before you walk out of the door. Sounds fair to me.

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I agree 100%, nothing is perfect and Citi certainly fits into that category.
Other companies aren’t perfect either and have the same problems that Citi does.
That being the case, why stay in such an environment when you can go elsewhere…the same environment for more money.

I love number 4 above. If you don’t like your environment, then change your environment….check and double check. Been there, done that, best advice ever.

Number 3 above also came into play as I gave a 3 day notice. The offering company had an aggressive start date so Citi got a 3 day notice. I’ve heard “that burns your bridge with Citi though”- -lemme see…..ah yes, here it is….don’t care.

To the guy who posted that he opted for an external transfer outside of Citi and can see Citi in the rear view mirror…well if you see that car a few miles behind you, ok, well that’s me following the same path, the road away from Citi and I’m better for it.

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Mostly everyone I have spoken to at Citi have been here an awfully long time. I can't imagine why they'd be complaining, when many have been here for over twenty years or more.
If you are no longer happy or satisfied, no one is holding you here. I already know companies do not care one iota about their employees. When they're about to make a headcount, they won't think long and hard about it.
Nothing is ever perfect.

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I opted for the external transfer instead. Less hours, more money, work from home 100%, I set my own hours, no oncall. No complaints here. Just looking at Citi in the rear view mirror as I move forward.

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Try internal transfer as 5 years is serious broyo

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It’s the hours for me that’s a big deal. I’ve read post after post of 50% saying they work 50+ hours per week and the other 50% saying that no one at Citi puts in 50+ every week as a norm.

I gotta lean in the direction of 50+ hours per week every single in my group is the norm and has been for more than 5 years. I am in what is considered a BAU (business as usual) group. A group that keeps the lights on. I’m not privy to all the different groups and how they operate but if you belong to a BAU group then there is a push to work you as much as they possibly can without paying you a commensurated salary.

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