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MW’s take on inflation ages worse and worse

Every time I read an inflation report, I’m recalling MW’s comment at the early year town hall that “inflation isn’t that bad historically.” God that take ages worse and worse by the day, and was nonsense in the moment.

Interesting to see how they weasel out of reasonable cost of living adjustments this year.

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Gas prices falling but everything else is still going up??? These companies are blaming “inflation” and pocketing the extra cash.

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Prices are out of control. I've never seen anything like it. Up every month!

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MW started his role as CEO by emphasis on empathy, as I recall in 2018, but it was all joke. The guy is making millions so for him inflation does not mean much, for typical employee it means we are making way less money compared to 2 years ago, no matter how good the CIP was. That comment on inflation by him shows total lack of connection to the workforce, we live in 2022 not in late 70's and bringing pld historical financial problem to compare and dismiss current hardship is similar to say people were ki---d due to simple vitus and infections back in the middle ages and so to die of covid or any other disease should not bother you as the rate of death is much lower, totally irresponsible response.

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Prepare for the following:

  1. High Inflation will persist for at least another quarter or two
  2. The FOMC will continue to raise rates to counteract inflation
  3. Supply chain disruptions will worsen significantly
  4. Stock market will fall, estimate Dow 29,000 by Jan 1. 2023
  5. FOMC will tighten the money supply through shrinking their balance sheet (the markets will be awash with securities)
  6. More pain for the markets and general economic slowdown. housing prices will fall considerably in many markets
  7. Maybe not in the petroleum industry but almost a certainty of weakening job markets in general and broad layoffs
  8. Biden administration will continue to spend billions, further devaluing the dollar (not picking on JB, all governments are drunk with borrowing)
  9. Fed will be slow to react and pain will persist for quite sometime
  10. A rough patch is coming quickly; stock up on consumables and manage your finances prudently

These predictions provided by "Nostradumbass".
Yes, I meant to spell it that way. Good luck everyone.

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It's transitory...just like your job.

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Historically it is variable but level.

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Ha! Who is downvoting this? You’re ok with being gas lit on there being no need for cost of living increases that are commensurate with inflation? What a bunch of cool-aid drinking lemmings.

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