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More Spyware

Tanium client was just installed today. There must be a whole department somewhere that does nothing but monitor Sapience, tanium, zscaler, etc. to generate reports for Frank. Must be great job security for them.

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I have to be fair and reasonable. I can’t stand this CEO , the Fiserv name is tarnished, this forum is about getting this jerk out of our company. Our customers don’t stand him , we don’t either!

Have you heard him speak? Oh my….

Laptop are corporate assets. I have no objections for the company to install any software they deem necessary to protect Fiserv and our customers. I have my own tablet for personal use.

Back to the story, FB has tarnished the brand and making my job extremely difficult! Epic confusion and my direct reports see it. I am losing them one at a time :(

Current VP in an office

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Tanium is an IT management product, helps the IT department keep your machine up to date and in compliance. It's not necessarily something the company is using to spy on you, although it can be depending on the scripts they are creating and running through it.

ZScalar is web filtering. It allows the company to filter what websites you can or can't visit, as well as track what sites you visit or try to visit.

Sapience is a problem. This tool is designed for nothing other than tracking "employee productivity" by tracking the applications you have open, mouse movements, key strokes etc.

Sapience even has connectors for your social media accounts, such that if you login to social media on your work computer, it will harvest all your data (connections, posts, etc.) There's a connector for each platform like Facebook, Twitter, anything popular. It's the epitome of big brother compared to the other tools you mentioned.

Sapience data is available all the way up your management chain. Can't be sure of how much of that data is sent back to the folks who make the product, nor how much of it is sold for profit.

Regardless of whether your manager looks at this data or not, upper management can review this data at their whim, and use it to coach your manager about their team. So it lends to a more deeply rooted cultural problem -- that not only may your manager not trust you, but your manager's manager (or perhaps anyone in upper management) may not trust middle management.

It's about creating a hierarchy of "yes men". A culture or a place that is not about ideas or innovation, but control of the replaceable masses. It's just not human and the use of Sapience itself may be in violation of your State or Government privacy laws.

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you're on a corporate machine. Any action done on the machine is property of Fiserv. The software is irrelevant.

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Tanium and Zscaler take the blame for CIO's if anything bad happens.

"Oh, well, we have the industry standard software running on all our PCs..."

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I’ve been meaning to see if I can keep my work laptop for personal use once the warranty expires… the thing will really fly without all these security agents on it

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