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Wrong people were laid off once again

I'm not sure how they manage to lay off the wrong people every single time. Most of those who are shown the door are our best and hardest working employees. We have plenty of fat that needs to be cut. Plenty of lazy do-nothings who get away with it because they're good with the right people. But they are never laid off. They are protected despite doing nothing. How is that allowed?

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Yes. I just recently left to avoid the layoffs and the same happened in my dept. the best people were let go….and in their place unqualified people took over.

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The ENTIRE USAA is filled with fat in all dept, all layers. The "fat" consists of good and bad employees - all tasked to prop up layers and layers of bureaucracy. The ENTIRE company is overloaded with unnecessary bureaucracy and risk aversion is used as an excuse to prop up so much bureaucracy. Other companies have long cut all the bureaucratic layers to be more efficient. This is why everything takes FOREVER to get done at USAA while at other companies, the same tasks would take a much shorter time.

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