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Perspective is everything

As a long time employee of Fiserv, I’ve had my share of disappointments, worry, frustration and downright cr-p handed to me on a silver platter.

What I have learned from all this life experience is that sh*t happens. It’s what we do when this takes place that will either break you or make you.

I get it, this constant worry sucks, I’m not immune to it, nor are my fellow employees.

I’m choosing to focus on the positives each day, the lessons learned during my time with Fiserv, the people I’ve worked with over the years and formed relationships with that will continue and the knowledge I’ve gained. These are things FB can not take away from us.

Hold your heads up high, these circumstances do not define you or your value. There are some amazing employees being laid off, that knowledge will be valuable to other companies.

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Someone here(a few months ago) said something pretty profound. Something along the lines of: the reason we come back here after leaving the company is similar to why people continue to find closure after a bad divorce(if there is ever a good one!).

I am much better off on the other side, but I still carry a grudge against the people who made my life miserable during my many years at Fiserv.

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All businesses have ups and downs. We expect to weather tough times and tough decisions. FB and cadre though are actively destroying things and
"coming for" people! This is not normal. This is not a functioning enterprise. It's Putin-esque.

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I agree with what you say, but it’s just really, really hard to accept some of these irrational decisions that are being made. I can accept a sound business decision, one that is based on many factors. However, these days most decisions are based on $$$ alone…and that is not the whole picture. This once strong and reliable company has morphed into game of Jenga…where blocks are just removed with reckless abandon. It’s going to come crashing down…and they don’t care.

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