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Frank believes he is Jamie Dimon. This is the joke we had back in the old days when I worked at JP. He was only assigned the dirty work of the Bank - clean up of entity mergers that were acquired by Dimon. FB had no leadership style whatsoever and never cared for the client. He sees entity synergies as two corpses, not knowing real people are involved.

His work was bloody and never trusted by my former execs, as such, Dimon named him as a co-COO, to be watched. This is another joke around the office.

I know something about banking, but have no clue why Frank believes Fiserv is a bank, he still copies Dimon today on every single move, decisions that have no applicability to Fiserv. Fiserv is a “FinTech”

Example: Dimon has a huge worldwide trading desk, traders must report to NYC. Reasonable, right? JP’s technology teams still work remote in Tampa, FL

I feel ya folks. I have friends at Fiserv, great talent. Frank is mediocre and brutal , stay strong!

Oh by the way, he sounds like he is always drunk. Don’t send him to client’s offices 😂😂😂. He was always a back office man at JP.

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I had direct exposure to Frank. The sounds drunk comment brought back memories. Those around him enable a really terrible leader. The Human Resources group is essentially there to hire and fire like a machine. I used to be friends with Tony M the head of HR under Frank but I decided he’s too despicable to talk to. My advice for anyone that isn’t personally connected to Frank (and is Italian) is not work for or with him in any capacity. If he likes you and your Italian you can fly in the company jets.

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Sopranos? More like Jersey Shore lol.

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Waiting for the absolute tragedy of all this to pivot to comedy. Sopranos meets fintech! Spent today polishing resume and applying for new roles. I intend to watch further episodes of this farce from a distance. I'm actually angry at myself for deluding myself into not being more active in departing earlier.

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When he was still relatively new at First Data he was as speaking at a town hall about how backwards old FD was. I’ll never forget when he said “They didn’t even have a Controls Department.” We didn’t even know what that meant. It was clearly a banking industry holdover and since Chase had it then we should have it too. He didn’t bother to ask “What department handles those functions?” Nope. He just created a new department and imported more high-priced Chase people to run it. On the next employee survey I said: We don’t have a vault either. Should we get one of those?

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