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What Chip said at the last co-----l party...

"CP, CEO and co-founder of 2U, acknowledged the tough market conditions. “I show up at co-----l parties right now, and people go, ‘How are you?’” he said. “Because, obviously, it’s not been pleasant lately. And we take that very seriously. Our shareholders are a critical community for the company.” However, CP said 2U’s recent moves — which included acquiring edX last year to transform into a company with a consumer-facing platform — are setting it up for the long haul. “This company is much, much stronger than it was when we were at our peak price,” CP said."

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@ffs+1j4IgSgy, oh it's worse than that. I'm sure he wasn't expecting to be quoted like that. Can you imagine how Chip acts when he's talking to just one elite person--about the people who work for him? Can you imagine what he was saying to the people at BYJUs?

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Okay, let me get this straight.

While CP is heading a company that had massive layoffs of people who are now wondering how they will now pay the bills and teams of current workers miserable and fearful because of the badly botched changes and poor company outlook, he still hobnobs at co-----l parties.

And at those co-----l parties, the people are worried about the emotional well-being of CP, the man sipping expensive drinks with them.

Poor victim CP looks up from his dreary mixer and laments: "It has not been PLEASANT (for me)."

CP then stresses to the other 1% in the room that he is aware of his real priorities: " Our shareholders are a critical community for the company."

Dang, I don't expect corporate America to really care about its workers or its core product (beyond its profitability).

But CP can't even fake it.

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