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All of these "All Hands" meetings now seem to be filled with incoherent ramblings filled with charts and graphs.

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The "all hands meeting" is to ensure people are in the office, so they can be let go in person.
Additionally, people are being targeted for "using Fiserv equipment for personal use". This means that is you made fun of something FB said or did, you can be guilt of a code of conduct offense. This means they walk you out and you don't get severance.

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Previous all hands meetings they would tell us something and then two days later Frank would announce something different. It just reinforced that middle managers do not do anything.

Now middle managers have learned from the experience and now they have meetings where they say nothing.

Doesn't matter. No one trusts the official lines of communication in this company anyway.

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Zombie org... all decisions reside at the FB level... middle management just going through the motions

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