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Did you get laid off and the WARN ACT

The WARN Act requires an employer to notify employees, in writing, 60 days before a layoff, and pay the employee for those 60 days, in addition to any severance the employee may be entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent the law. If your employer did not provide you the 60 days’ notice (and pay you for those 60 days), please contact the Federal Department of Labor (DOL) or your state’s WARN office for help.

The original Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) was a Federal law that applied to all 50 states. Since the Federal WARN law was passed, most states have enacted a state WARN Act.

Among other things, the state WARN acts require employers to report layoff statistics to a state office. In fact, an employer may report the number of employees they intend to layoff, by location, before the layoff and report that information to a state WARN act office.

Therefore, assuming the employer complied with state law, you might be able to learn about the number of employees an employer intends to layoff, by location, before the layoff. Otherwise, you can determine the number of employees that were laid off after the layoff.

If your employer laid off employees and you don’t find the layoff statistics on the sites below, you may anonymously report this to your state’s office responsible for the WARN act, and they will instruct the employer to report the statistics

Select this link: Please reference the WARN notice database for current & past notices

If you are located in another state, please type this into any search engine: WARN ACT and [state name], e.g. Arizona

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Naive people. Easy way around this is notify as of today you are on payroll for 60 more days and pay them for doing nothing lock them out of system to avoid sabotage and customers whatever you never gave two Sh*ts during normal times so they will notice no difference. They are locked in to a platform where they gonna go? Hence still an employee the notice is satisfied and then at the end of 60 days flip the switch pull the plug never heard of you. Must be your first layoff you will learn there is no leverage on your side. Go ahead and don't sign the papers to get the check. Find some employment legal eagle to fight for you on contingency. So how are you gonna pay the Tesla lease payment ???? Unemployment good luck getting a check quickly if at all and when it does show up not enough to satisfy your lifestyle. Good luck you will need it. On the bright side at least you are not being drafted to be an expendable target in some foreign land to protect the empire.

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This is ALL US related................. remember, in Europe we are bound by local law so we wont hear for a few months. The WARN act has no meaning here

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WARN act mandates that (1) the employer should give you 60 days from the time they notify you of layoff and keep you on their payroll, or (2) give you 60 days severance "in lieu of" actually working for 60 days during layoffs.

Those at Twitter who wanted 2 months on top of their 3 month severance learned the hard way: the 3 month severance counts toward the 60 days in lieu of.

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This lay off has been vetted through legal and HR. Just sign if you want the package or else you can sue with no package. The chance of winning is less than 1% if you want to gamble Else move on.

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It highly depends on which state you are in. Many states do not enforce the Warn Act.

I worked at a company that had just over 200 employees at 2 locations. The same week as Thanksgiving 75 of us were laid off with no warning.

I called the unemployment office to file for unemployment and told them about the lack of warning and they told me that my only recourse was to sue my former employer. They (the state) would not go after them.

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If you’d like to learn more about the WARN Act and whether your employer is complying with this Federal and State law, please review these articles. Please copy this info to your desktop and share this information with your co-workers

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The Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification ACT (WARN) is a Federal law that applies to all 50 states
Review Workers' Guide
Send specific questions to:

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