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Sadly, this is most likely true

“Controlling labor costs via periodic layoffs is like breathing for Silicon Valley: cyclical, necessary for life,” Malcolm Harris, author of the forthcoming book “Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism and the World,” told me. The layoffs, Harris says, have “very little to do with long- or even medium-term strategy except as it pertains to cultivating an insecure workforce.”

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Seriously. Is this your first job? Every company hires and fired. Grows and shrinks. You should have learned this in economics 101 you snowflake. You don’t deserve a job… you earn it

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This is modern slavery.

Yes, when you graduate college and get to select among offers from multiple companies to work flex hours from home and collect a six digit salary and you can change jobs at will it's definitely slavery.

Who knew the bottom 0% could be so large?

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Not "most likely" but definitely true. This is modern slavery. As one of the chest-thumping SED/Exec (as per id) from UK declared here proudly last week, technology is now a "commodity", or so thinks the top layer. He also declared that "innovation" at Cisco is a myth (which we knew already). Do keep in mind that this came from a person in management at a technology company (Cisco, in this instance). That is precisely the reason why Cisco is on a downhill slope - they treat technology and technologists like dirt, with the so-called "business guys" getting their back slapped. This will never work in the long term. The Board and ELT need to shed these prima donnas and LinkedIn marketing blurb guys and hire technologists to in decision making and budgetary positions. Otherwise, Cisco is as good as dead. Examples? Sundar Pitchai is from an elite IIT in India, so is Satya Nadella - not some from sh!tkicking management cert institute in b-m-f&*k , UK.

Sure, Google, MS, Meta everyone is laying off now. But Cisco is the ONLY company who does layoffs at a regular frequency, every year, sometimes every half-year. No other Silicon Valley company lays off people as much as Cisco does and the main reason is, they hire people for a targeted job and profile, for a limited period of time. Once those people have served their purpose, they just lay them off. In the older days, they used to sell off the slaves to worse conditions once the masters thought they were no longer in prime condition. Not very dissimilar here.

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