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Cisco has lost its mind

Joined TAC in right before the pandemic really kicked off.

In the years since there is an increase focus on “metrics” in tac, and management uses them to paint a sh---y picture of whoever they don’t like.

I have watched initiatives to literally “get g10+ who aren’t technical leaders off TAC payroll” and seen many talented engineers forced out, then I am watching Cisco replace them with college new grads that take minimum 12 months to be actually useful, and red badges.

This limits the guidance new folks can get, and makes everyone work harder.

At the same time all this is going on, they are telling tac things like “we sell an experience more than anything else, so always do what’s right for the customer, even if they are asking for a service they haven’t paid for”

So less seniors, less engineers with less experience in general, increased focus on bullsh-t metrics that can be made to tell basically any story you want and used to pressure engineers, and you are steadily increasing the scope of the tac engineer.

On top of increasing the scope, they are increasing the scope on people without the experience to navigate the gray area between break fix and design

If you speak out against any of this you are severely punished…why?

Because this is a part of the business model. TAC contracts are some of the highest margin and most profitable offerings of Cisco. Of course cutting staff and salary here pads the bottom line.

They don’t want constructive criticism on how to fix this because it can’t really be fixed. This is a recipe for disaster. Exposing this whole trajectory lowers morale, when they really need everyone to be scared of getting laid off and convinced they earn way more than they should.

By the time the new hires become productive they are burned out and have had the curtain lifted. They leave tac, the cycle repeats, customers get more and more pi---d, and this is what we called a managed decline eh?

I’m done with TAC. I could easily become a technical leader but not with the way these id--tic managers treat engineers like robots and numbers in a spreadsheet.

On top of it all, the ever-promised “people are dying to hire tac engineers” reputation has been destroyed, so I’m up against the assumption that I’m a lazy piece of case dodging sh-t who sucks at everything and have to work on disproving the stigma first.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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@1sgy+1kZWdMXl, I do agree with everything you are saying; it's even worse in SSPT and HTTS. I am happy sitting at 100-150k and no I don't get bored at all, I guess because I am not a career but family oriented person and TAC allows me to do that while managing my passive income (to each their own). I dont recommend a TL role; If you want to make $$$, move into SE or AS role. Best of luck!

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Just go get your CCIE and shut up. It’s a lot of work, but it does work out well to combine the great effort of supporting customers and studying at the same time. Other folks here are right that the heyday of “TAC Engineer” on your resume has passed, but the CCIE which is like a free master’s degree on Cisco’s dime is the gift that keeps on giving without student loan debt.

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If you are new and in TAC, I can just give you career advice to run.
In the event you stick too long, you will be trapped. Sadly TAC has become all the talk and little working. We want to be cheap , underpay compared to same grade in different functions and are unable to keep people. So the cycle starts all over again every 2 years.
We look at short term results in favor of long term strategic investments and just live from workaround to workaround. I think the cool kids call it agile and we should be proud of it.
you are spot on with your comments and fully right to run :)

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@ubv+1kZWdMXl Aren’t you bored as fu-k? Doesn’t it drive you crazy to do the same things over and over again, and help id--t customers who haven’t even put a lick of effort into isolating or troubleshooting, or better yet want you to design or fix the design of their network?

How much money do you make? My whole thing is I am capable of more and I like TAC too I would even like to become a technical leader, but when they act like $140 or $150 base is asking for Chuck Robins himself to come down and kiss your feet, it’s time for me to target other positions I guess

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I love TAC, I know my tech inside/out and can resolve most issues in my sleep.

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Cisco smartnet is over priced and TAC has sucked for years. All that gets said is “upgrade your code”. I and my engineers figure it out on our own 90% of time other than RMA and code bugs. Sales teams and engineers hardly try since Covid. I am replacing Cisco with other vendors as fast as I can and my enterprise is a fortune 100.

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TAC has been horrible for a while ,first they outsourced to india, then it got even worse when they added mexico, its not their fault but customers suffer and no one cares. often senior leaders and architects have to jump on tac calls to get some resolution, very sad now.

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CCIE engineers make over $230k in TAC. They are not really engineers with an engineering degree, but Cisco calls them that. Makes customers happy.

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This phenomenon is part of the massive replace G6 G8 G1 with red badges initiative I have noticed.

The companies Cisco contracts to hire the red badges are so fu----g stupid they hit ME up on linked in trying to hire me from TAC blue badge into tac red badge. One of them even told me “sometimes this makes sense”

That’s where we are …

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The hayday of highlighing TAC on your resume is long gone. Maybe it was highly relevant a decade ago, but not now.

Most squared away customer upper-management is little more than irrirated by the recurring revenue needed to pay for Cisco support. I know because I am one of them.

I would say overall for the cases now; roughly 2/3rd of the engineers genuinely don't want to get on a webex to troubleshoot, and respectful to them (I understand it is an international business model), English is a definitive second language.

Nothing against those in other countries, working technology. Some really good people. But it can be really difficult to work through complex issues over a webex, with someone not well versed in English.

With respect.

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companies are dying to hire software engineers... not Cisco certified TAC "engineers"

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