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Ai and Low Financial Value Programs

"I’m glad that this is being looked into, though it feels like to me many years to late."

"As a naive high school senior in 2006 I was recruited with by a predator who dug deep in to my insecurities as a poor child whom didn’t ever think I would be able to go to college. I was manipulated into thinking my talents were special, special enough to go to this prestigious Art institute were I would make so much money I would be able to to pay off the debt very quickly and have an amazing career and future, an opportunity that my parents never had. I was promised that with their help I would be networked to the best career opportunities there was. He said the major I was looking into had 98% career placement stats ."

"I had to write an essay and show my portfolio and got an acceptance package, I felt like I was on top of the world that I wouldn’t have to struggle my whole life."

"I was sadly mistaken, when I learned it was all a rouse . That they would have accepted me just because I had a pulse and a loan approval. And that I would soon run out of loan options to finish my degree a mere 30 credits shy of a bachelors. Then the school would shut down and my credits wouldn’t be transferable . Worst decision in my entire life because I was lied to about my major being able to generate so much income that I wouldn’t be plagued with student debt for the rest of my life."

"It’s long been proven that this school (the New England institute of art ). Had been falsifying the job placement stats, with statistics of just a hand full of students , and there so called careers included jobs like staples, kinkos, and Burger King. Had I known the low financial value of my program I would have never enrolled . I could have just continued on my life and possibly been more successful, I could have started a business or bought a home or real-estate. Even if I was still living paycheck to pay check working my way up the chain I wouldn’t be stuck with 95k dollars in federal loans . 55k of private loans was wiped last year but it’s not enough . This decision based on lies and fraud has destroyed my life and future. To not be able to put a proper roof of my children’s heads or always be able to put food on the table because I tried to become something and go for the American dream . I’m not in this alone . I will not let these loans ruin my spirt any more then they have. If it was transparent that these programs would have such low financial value long ago many of us wouldn’t be in these predicament. With that said better late then never, getting real facts and transparency on these program now could save so many. I hope my story is one story that helps save someone else from this suffering."

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