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CFO: Hey big guy, and I mean that literally, why can’t we keep any of our HR VPs?
CEO: Well when we hire them we tell them how diverse and accepting CVE is and that we’re a modern progressive flexible company. After awhile they realize we’re just here to be a P50 type company run by a bunch of old white guys that want the employees to stop their whining and do what they’re told.
CFO: So what do we do?
CEO : I know, let’s hire a middle aged white guy to run HR, get him to run a survey to pretend we care, then just to really have fun reduce bonuses and LTIs. And to top it all off let’s ask them to work nonstop and take away their vacation options to help encourage them.
CFO: we could also reduce the work from home flexibility!!

CEO: There you go buddy, now you’re getting it!

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Insider tip: Cenovus Human Resources is known to be a horrible place to work throughout the Calgary HR community. Most people know each other between companies and the various cultures, that’s why they had suck a hard time recruiting for this position. I’m betting they laid out some serious cash to get her to sign up.

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Is she from TC then she definitely is related to the big fella

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Bring Cruella de Jaquie back! She can finish what she started years ago!

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Anyone else wonder who they just hired as VP of HR and why she would have accepted the role? 1. Maybe she’s really up for a challenge and thinks she can change the attitude around CVE or 2. Doesn’t understand how to google a company before she accepts a job offer or 3. Really needs the money and might be related to one of our top guys somehow.

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