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I’ve come to the realization that if Cenovus wants to pay P50 and drop my bonus % and reduce my LTIs so they’re not even an incentive to stay here I’m now going to give them P50 type performance. I mean why do anymore than what you need to do. We don’t get exceeds anymore, even if you do great things so why bother. Even if you save the company money you’re not getting anything for it. After taxes your RSUs are worth $2,000 which is garbage. Only the VPs, directors, and above make any real money here. The only people who move forward in their careers are the mgmt. When’s the last time you’ve seen any employee around you get a promotion? I’m just done. No longer giving anything above a P50 performance, after all that’s all they want to pay for. Our mgmt are in it for themselves and demonstrate time and time again they couldn’t care less about the employees. They are in a spot for a few year stint, put in their time, move to the next spot, try not to get into trouble, move to the next spot, and so on. They’re not invested in their teams because they know they’re only there for a short time. Sorry for the long rant. Bad day at the office I guess.

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Interesting thought for you all. Employees are now so separated from the stock price it’s irrelevant to us all unless you’re manager and above. It doesn’t matter if the company stock goes up or down to the average employee. It matters to the VPs and above. So another reason to not over work yourselves. Why work to save the company money when CVE profits no longer matter to employees? As long as the company stays afloat we’re fine. Start the union mentality.

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