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Lean business model

PMG Communications and Prince Telecom are good options for contractors. Their work is better than Excell. Soon the stock will skyrocket once we recoop debt from gained subscriber revenue. A lot of pain in the beginning but 75% of the optimum network will be overbuilt this year. Sell the sudden link trash and this will be a polished gem at $4.75 a share

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Let's face it, they changed AUSA CEO's. The CEO's are puppets to the man running this.
Drahi runs the company.
And knows fu-kall about what he bought.

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Customers don't want subcontractors at their house barely knowing what they are doing. Customers don't want subcontractors referring to other subcontractors who don't know what they are doing. I would say in all markets but I may be wrong.
Everyone in the tri state market knows Altice is garbage. They know the service quality they had before, vs. the quality they had after.
Altice is out of touch with their customer base. They bought Dolan's company with dollar signs in their eyes and didn't realize they actually had to deliver good service.

They wanted to make NY money without paying NY wages. They got rid of good CSR's for outsourced CSR's who people can't even understand. 2 hour holds to get anything fixed.

Good techs given packages and wrote off. Upcoming techs paid too little and quit. Voluntary lay offs where people left en mass.

35 dollars a share or around there to start in IPO. Currently 4.58 dollars a share.

No customer satisfaction, even less employee satisfaction.

Contractors will soon run out of anyone to pay them.

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