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Employment is like an insurance claim!

At the end of the day of the 93% that only rec'd Successfull and the people that got 0% raise the company will look 3 months from now and see "who quit?" Remember the only way to immediately and guaranteed way to increase profitability is to cut people (since severance is not a salaried expanse) and add even far better results when people quit themselves with no payout.

Employment at an insurance company is treated just like their policy owners. The longer someone is around the more of a chance they'll have a claim. When they quit short of the claim the company wins! Think of your severance package and retirement benefits as the policy payout. If you quit prior to a severance the company wins. So treating you or a veteran policy owner like dog p-o is a means to an end.

Look to your left and right, likely from a year or two ago those seats had someone else in them that quit letting the company win that either you picked up far more work for no more pay or they hired someone in a far away land to do it half-skilled or it just doesn't get done any more.

Sadly this is the way it goes.

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Did I read there’s a severance package if ML does the “separation”?

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But you are missing a point…cashing out for better job elsewhere truly is winning. Liberating, why hold onto for sake of winning? Are you really winning by staying there?
I know through experience…The only way you lose is wasting another single day of your life convincing yourself you are better off staying. Life is not a game. Life s too short. Find a job you enjoy and a place where you are valued, appreciated, and where you are compensated fairly.

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