Thread regarding MetLife Inc. layoffs

Shareholders seeing through the BS

Pathstone Family Office decreased holdings by 33.4%

Smart move Pathstone. Others expected to follow in droves.

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Next Horizon = mirage
MyPath = dead end
Upwise = already’s been done
MyVoice = information for them to sc--w w u
Focus Group = not in your best interest - you get nothing out of it
AVIP = how you are rated is none of your business.
2+2+1 = $15 million for a worthless CEO and USB President

Reality SLT.

You all suck and should summarily all be fired.

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This: MetLife’s 21st annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study.

Comical that we have the nerve to publish these insights yet not have ANY interest or intentions to address in our own backyard.

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Oh you mean like when it was suggested they upgrade from an abacus to 21st century technology…

they said yeah… great idea.

And bought everyone that does benefit calculations a Casio pocket calculator?

And all the Senior leaders went home with over 100% AVIP

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Nobody thinks beyond their tiny job because nothing changes. You can point out areas of significant improvements until you are blue in the face and nothing will be done, nothing improves, nothing gets better. So employees stop trying and retreat to their silo and the problems remain. Managers sweep it under the rug. Or in the instance of good ideas take full credit and let the peons twist in the wind. Or even worse when it’s something a manager could do better or has been hiding and a peon points it out, that peon is now public enemy number one. Yeah this is the reality that Senior leaders are aware of and do nothing about. Sorry, not sorry.

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@nrr+1lAk2PbC It's far worse than just the tech.

The workers have fallen into a myopic, siloed perspective. Nobody does anything without a ticket. Nobody thinks beyond the tiny job they do. It's a company of technical ghettos. Each group uses their control over a resource to justify their existence and tightly holds on to it keeping others out.

And it is coming down from the top, but is so entrenched it's unfixable.

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Metlife should be sold off in parts. It’s too broken. 150 years of neglect, decay and disrepair is not fixable.

New technology is second rate, at best, because SLT too concerned about bottom line expenses. It’s already 10 years behind where their younger competitors are.

Time to dismantle. The net sum of the parts are not valuable.

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Maybe the street reads this board after all lol

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