Thread regarding Avaya layoffs

Vendors actually pay for warped insight from the preeminent industry analyst AKA ZeeMan

"Regarding Chirico, he leaves behind a stronger company than the one he took over. Although his last quarter as the company chief is punctuated with a pre-announcement of a big earnings miss, he did do many good things for Avaya.
As I mentioned earlier, Avaya’s revenues for cloud, partner, subscription, software and other meaningful metrics are all at an all-time high and ahead of the plan laid out a few years ago. He did much of this through financial engineering, changing sales models and internal product innovation, but he could never get the company to accelerate growth. He has the business pointed in the right direction, but now a new leader is needed to step on the gas and take Avaya to the next level."
Source: SiliconAngle July 2022.

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It's Avaya who paid for those words. Analyst Relations. It's quite the racket in 'telecom".
Z needs to be given credit. He was one who pivoted and grew. Being a paid agent of Avaya was a risk he has appeared to learn from.

Avaya? We don't appear to learn. We are showing we will continue to just 'call it in'...the typical lineup of same paid trade Pubs, interviews, podcasts, etc. You can hire a college intern to push that "go" button. And who do they think they are fooling? Clients/Partners are done trusting those same old telecom (even if they reinvent themselves with new names or handles). It's game over for the BS forced narrative from Avaya.
Give Z credit for hustling and growing.

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