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Best of luck, salesmen

2022 results are in, and DISH is still losing customers and revenue. And now borrowing money at almost 12%, adding to the growing debt-pile.
The CEO says enterprise is where it's at- but it takes a long time to sell to those customers. DISH doesn't have time.
And why wouldn't enterprise just buy from AT&T or T-Mobile, since their networks are underpinning DISH's? Or especially Verizon, the best total network, year after year after year?
Who is going to buy from DISH knowing that they are investing the bare minimum on their network? And will only be able to invest the bare minimum going forward?
If I'm writing the RFP, DISH cannot satisfactorily answer these questions.
This strategy doesn't add up.

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I am rooting for Dish but it looks to be too little, too late. They will never have network parity which isn't a death blow in and of itself, but combine that with their strategy... the fat lady will be singing a year from now.

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Actually, Dish Network acquired Boost Mobile from T-Mobile and immediately started deconstructing the Prepaid carrier's strong brand value proposition (i.e., removing popular features & functionalty, imposing strict data throttling, imposing extra charges, etc. - source: Boost Mobile website & customer communications and various telecom industry publications) in the name of saving money. That effort was ENTIRELY driven by the Dish executives (AKA, Dish leadership).

Consequently, Boost Mobile has consistently and continually lost residential customers at a high rate (>1.5M - source: Dish Network YE22 Financial Results) in the 2 2/3 years since it was 'hijacked' by Dish. In 2022 alone, Boost's customer base shrank 6.7% (now less than 8M subscribers per Dish YE22 Results).

Basically the 'yahoos' (as the previous poster referred to them) at Dish applied their failing Satellite TV business model (i.e., 'wring' cash out of a declining base) to Boost Mobile and are driving a once strong wireless brand into the ground. It's highly likely given their previous track record that Dish's foray into the Postpaid market with Boost Infinite will be met with similarly abysmal results as the company seemingly continues to move ever closer to their inevitable bankruptcy (and/or a wholesale asset sale).,-Year-end-2022-Financial-Results

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It’s 2023 and the leaders here are stuck in 1999.

not just the leaders, but the network investors. the esg cult are forcing the networks to make content nobody wants to watch which is losing not only money but jobs. it's about ideology for these creeps and they see anyone caught in the middle as collateral damage.

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It all comes down to leadership. It’s 2023 and the leaders here are stuck in 1999. Especially all the Sprint yahoos they kept, they are the definition of insanity doing the same repeat things Q after Q. Like did you really think that was going to work when you’ve been playing it on repeat for a decade? There are people here trying to do real work, but it’s hard to get through a block wall.

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