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3rd option

I think some of the biggest mistakes that people make is:

  1. expect a company to bend to their will
  2. expect a company to stay the same

They often forget about option 3 which is to move on. With every single layoff there is a talent vacuum that needs to be filled. Seek out those vacuums in other companies. Right now in light of every company laying off. There’s not much panic when it comes to hiring people. When the recession is over there will be a hiring spree across the board. Tow the company line right now and make your move then.

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There are other companies out there that are hiring. Some people act as if Citi is the only place on the globe that will ever employ anyone. Also, who says you gotta stay in the sector. Forget the financial umbrella, go be a PM, tech person, whatever in the energy sector, medical sector and so on. I never understood that…..”I’ve looked and other banks aren’t hiring” or “other banks are just as bad”…..STOP LOOKING AT OTHER BANKS!!!! Spread those wings baby, increase your job search landscape is what I say.

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