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Don't count on the pressure to ease up

Pressure won’t get any better. The impending recession will be used as a tool to make you take on more and more and more work with tighter and tighter deadlines. You’ll hear the implied “do it or else”. You’ll hear the all famous “times are tough and there are tons of people willing to take your place”. In other words, what you are feeling will not get better anytime soon. You are left with two choices only. 1.) Endure and weather the storm. This can be the hardest to do. If you go this route, then resolve yourself with that this will not change for the foreseeable future. 2.) take matters into your own hands. Try a lateral move somewhere else or seek employment with another company.

Don’t make any rash decisions. Take some time off, reflect and do some soul searching. Pick a path to go down.

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Did Citi drop the vaccine mandate? It is no longer on job postings.

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Agree. No need to work yourself to death. The job market is still strong overall.

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