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Avaya was destined to fail?

I spent about ten years in the Avaya ecosystem and when we joined it the first thing we noticed is that Avaya promoted bottom feeding. The large national resellers were awarded for going after the existing Avaya base of the smaller partners. Avaya also promoted the gray marketing of its product and refused to crack down on larger resellers who were gray marketing product. Avaya was cutting off its own legs. Avaya was a terrible ecosystem to work within and it was destined to fail.

OP @3ihy+1lvl4zhr, I agree, everything led to an epic failure.

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EXACTLY 💯 about Channel Marketing and bizarre advocacy.
I thought Masarek put an end to the exaggerated Ego-Inspired use of adding "Head Of" to any title. Especially when you are a Team of "Uno" on what you declare yourself to be "heading"!
But these folks have zero idea what their purpose is. They have zero idea as to what drives market growth or even how to sustain business. They only know how to act self-i7mportant, project business quotes and philosophies, and focus their energy on colleagues, partners or IAUG people who like them. If you limit your tasks to supporting people who play into the gratuitous game, you can then celebrate your success. Easy Peasy!

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The sad thing is if you put channel leadership + channel marketing together you get nothing but fake linkedin posts. There is nothing Avaya does to support their partners except throw money at their half baked events. Everyone in the channel pushes the "yes " button on fake MDF. Apparently the only savior for the partners and customers is the Head of partner advocacy or whatever name she has given herself this week. There's still money to be had partners. Just apply for MDF and say you're going to sell subscriptions. Avaya will give you whatever you want!

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Avaya has had a revolving door of channel leadership who are expected to each be the game changer immediately. This results in them kissing the ar-e of the big fish (did you see the 2-3 dozen people they flew to Dallas for the C1 event 1 week after filing for Chapter 11?)

Avaya also lacks an Ethical Foundation for marketing claims. When I was there id validate any claim before presenting to a client. If I couldn't validate a claim I wouldn't support it. Then I would be gaslite for not blindly agreeing with someone's made up claim. It was absolutely insane.

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