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Darren is God

Hi, I'm a manager. Or maybe I work for HR. Or maybe I am a troll. Maybe I am all of the above.

I am bu-t hurt by all the negative comments made about our Lord and Savior Darren. I have made multiple posts to set the record straight that you are at fault. Don't blame Darren, he is doing the best he can to sc--w you over and you're just resisting his advances.

Now, let me be his minion so I can sample from his nectar. Post positive things, please?! Don't make it harder for me to try and recruit new "talent" that I can pay less to replace you with. That would require extra effort on my part...similar to the effort I've been putting in to fill this site with a fictional narrative.

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Lame post. Once again a reference to an-l s-x. What is your fascination with it?

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@pah gets it.

All hail Darren. While he may not weareth clothes, all be damned who tell him otherwise.

And he said onto us, "Come forth my children." And TG came fifth and had to eat the biscuit.


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As Darren is God, then -

  • Executives are the bishops who exploit the Word of Darren to justify power and extract tithes
  • Managers are the local sycophant clergy who demand faith from the parishioners and enjoy exploiting the indigenous children
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