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I was warned but did not listen.

I was told long ago that Satya’s vision was to manage out the US and bring in the HB1’s. I dismissed it as a malicious statement with no merit and here we are. The very thing that I was warned against years later is coming to pass before my eyes.

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Useless to lobby business CEOs ( foreign born or native born) to be more lenient. They are here to make money for themselves not to save the world. Lobby for congress for workers protection, unionize high tech workers. Well, do you really believe those South Asia h1b are cheaper? No. They usually get the best compensation once couple years here. They multiply, out number others, yank out others,take most management jobs. Outsourcing further shrinks local workers’ choices.

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"Satya is a former H1B; he works for Wall Street investors and for his own compensation;"
they are parasites, literally
bankers and mouthpieces for bankers

the business model now is that of a plantation

don't really invent anymore so our soceity does not really advance anymore
make the goods as cheaply as possible with cheap disposable labor

southern plantation owners made a lot of money but created nothing new

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Exactly. Its nothing personal. You are a commodity, a piece of property, an asset to be traded or discarded at will. If letting you go is deemed beneficial for the company, then by all means you gotta go. Realizing this, it always baffles me when employees have this absolute blind loyalty to a company. If you ever want to silence a room, just make the statement “I’m as loyal to the company as the company is to me.” You may be surprised at to what response you get.

You may get “Great then, I’m glad to hear that. The company takes care of you, therefore I know you are taking care of the company”

OR you may hear

“Well now, its been a tough year for us all so etc….”

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Satya is a former H1B; he works for Wall Street investors and for his own compensation; his goal is to replace employees like OP with cheaper, younger hungriier H1Bs and to offshore as much as possible to lower cost areas such as India.
A dollar saved is a dollar made.
Employees like OP can be replaced like lightbulbs ; this is just business

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