Thread regarding AT&T layoffs

T vs VZ 20 year stock compare from MarketWatch about 5 min ago

T stock down 14% and VZ up 14% over last 20 years.

You gotta work pretty hard at su-king to be down 14% over 20 years.

Still, the 1998 VRIP was very very good to me. ha

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yep how does this happen in the age of the internet?

the internet basically becomes a necessity and your stock drops.

stank and rand are pure genius.

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@quk+1scMZhkm Must be a troll.

Read the subject much?
Marketwatch…as in CNBC Marketwatch….did the compare not me .

See, they talk about stocks on that channel.

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Hey @quk+1scMZhkm

Underwear on too tight ?

Look up VZ and you will see T and VZ are competitors, hence the comparison.

Personally I don’t care as don’t own so am not complaining. Perhaps you missed the obvious need for comparison?

100% agree with other poster saying 5)4 14% VZ was up is pathetic

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14% over 20 years is pathetic.
That’s a loss, that doesn’t even keep pace with inflation, if you factored in the dividends you probably still lost money.
Both are pathetic bad investments.

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T, VZ? I bought bitcoin. Making so much money, I don't even have to work anymore.

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Should have bought Tesla stock. Would have been rich.

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Why are you comparing with a stock only up 14% over 20 years? Do you even own stocks? Or just complaining for the sake of complaining?

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