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TTUS Survey Performance Goals

I noticed in Workday today that beyond just the three day RTO guideline, U.S. Bank is now including TTUS survey participation in one of the pre-written perf goals. Who else is seeing this?
They did not have anything like this in the pre-written goals last year...just quietly slipped it in hoping we wouldn't notice. Is this how they plan on improving their survey engagement #'s? By rooting out those who don't participate?

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They say it’s confidential not anonymous. I researched the difference in terms and decided not to complete the survey.

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Nothing private about it. Managers are able to view comments, so it’s not hard to figure out who wrote them.
I had to tell my team that all management comments/ratings were directed at me, not towards senior management, and my scores changed drastically for the better.

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If you think anything is anonymous, you're delusional. End of the day, every keystroke you put into your computer is logged, and if someone "Anonymous" under your manager submitted feedback at 3:23 PM, and your browser history has you on that form submission at 3:23 PM guess what? Lol.

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Former HR person here and I know for a fact that they can see down to the team, who has responded.

They may not be able to see ‘Jim Nelson’s’ exact feedback, but they know that 8 of 9 of Jim Nelson’s coworkers responded and the manager can ‘see’ what each person’s responses were. Thus, if you indicate something very specific that ‘could’ be attributed to you, they can see all of your responses.

Even in HR, we thought responses were secret till it became very obvious (during end of year reviews) that they knew what someone’s feedback was.

Exact feedback.

A coworker/friend got absolutely sc--wed on his bonus/merit for providing honest feedback regarding mgmt and tech issues.

His mgr even referenced it during the EOY discussion by saying something he had ONLY ever said ‘outloud’ within the TTUS survey and it shocked him to the core.

He had a feeling that once merit/bonus was discussed that it would be very low and sure enough, his merit was less than half what others received (obviously people talk) and he was pretty pi---d off because he did very good work, but by being honest (& what he said was correct) he got sc--wed by a vengeful manager.

The following year, during an early 1 on 1 with the same mgr, he asked for constructive feedback so he could do better and the mgr let it slip that maybe he should ‘open up direct dialogue vs providing anonymous feedback about the mgr’ and he asked if his TTUS survey results had been communicated to the mgr and that person confirmed they were aware what was said.

The horrible thing about his situation was that he did not say it about HIS mgr, he meant it about upper mgmt, and once he said that to his mgr, the response was from his mgr was one of great surprise.

They discussed his concern openly and the next year’s merit/bonus was back to the level he was used to.

But he never responded honestly to TTUS after and he warned all of us about his experience.

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If it's supposedly anonymous, how do they know who participated or not? Or is this just a goal for the managers based on the % of their employees that participate?

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