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Dropping like flies

There's still no faith that SAE is going in the right direction. So far, they have brought back the wrong person. I could name 3 people that they should have brought back! They've made more layoffs, but with obviously no game plan. There is no communication about a CEO, who will probably come in and change things anyways. I've seen it over and over again with this school. Before they had only SAE homegrown management, which doesn't work when we became accredited. Then they brought in a management team with a combination of people with SAE background and people with education operations background but that regime had their heads stuck up high in their asses. And now they have only incompetent people with so-called education experience? Yeah, here we go again. But now, people are so disenfranchised that they no longer believe in the mission and are quitting left and right.

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I can't wait for this company to go away. They have been mismanaged for years and there is simply no turning back at this point. I, too, was unjustly laid off after 5 years of loyal service and I can't wait for them to get what they deserve. Objectively speaking, as a school, SAE is a total joke.

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Ditman and Grau were both Group with many years of service. It's not right they got the shaft after so many years of outstanding contributions.

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what campus were these folks at or are these HQ folks?

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What's interesting is that no one is touching us with a 10 foot poll. We can't get anyone hired.

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And none from marketing

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3 from academics and student services. Fred Ditman, who's been with SAE for ages. I bet he didn't get a Rolex with his pink slip. And Josh Grau who also was a lifer of sorts. Then we have a few from our campus who quit cuz they found better jobs. And most others are keeping their options open.

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Who was let go now?

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Udo and Marco were fleecing the accounts for millions.

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What? Udo and Marco are no longer here? What does it say that SAE was better under them?

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