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Are we selling campuses or closing?

I'm hearing so many stories. I know for sure that San Jose is closing (personally, it should have been done a long time ago). Los Angeles stopped enrolling, so they may be closing. But then I heard that they are going to try and sell all the other US... read more

Here we go again!

Strap in. Massive layoffs about to happen.

I am still hopeful that we will all thrive.

We have been weathering storms for a number of years, starting around 2008. After some really thin years, we were acquired, which started yet another period of adjustment. From this recent round of layoffs, our process of getting back on track has... read more

Start Packing Your Bags

SAE is accredited by ACICS. ACICS is no longer recognized by the US Dept. of Education as an approved accrediting authority for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. The doors will be closed in 18 months if not sooner.
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What's happening at Ex'pression these days?

I heard rumors that there's a new campus director and that his big plans are to close the south building, reconfigure the north building, and start two separate course tracks - one day, one night, so students can hold down a job. Both sound like good... read more

Multiple Sound Arts layoffs

To attend a farewell party for the long time core of the Ex'pression Sound Arts faculty was truly devastating. SAE has its head so far up its ass it's truly in the dark about preserving the basic elements of quality education. It all started when... read more
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SAE Institutes to shut down....

So I have SAE on my Google Alerts. Anyone else notice that more and more SAE campuses are shutting down? Has not completely hit the US campuses, but so far I've seen 4 in the last 3 weeks.

I am soon leaving, but wanted to leave my thoughts with you.

English is not my first language, so please I am sorry! I am based overseas from US and totally sympathize with what you are going through. However, seeing what I see every day makes me wonder how the hell SAE got so big with such poor management... read more
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SAE sucks sucks sucks

We suck suck suck. I wish they would transfer me to ANY overseas SAE. This is embarrassing. No wonder everyone is bailing.


This week in news at Ex'pression College (or is it Expressions?): The library is closed, the cafeteria is closing, and the Emeryville campus director resigned. Friday we have our almost weekly sendoff for an integral team member, Karen Stackpole -... read more

NYC is having more issues than any other campus

I hear about to LA and ExPression a lot. But NY is far worse. After the layoffs, more and more people are bailing. The campus is drowning and more and more ridiculous directives from above are not helping. The Dean does not know as much as she... read more

LA Troubles?

I'm getting a little bit worrisome with what's happening at the Los Angeles campus. Everything is at a strange standstill with any progression. Are we able to pay our bills? Why are we not finishing the build out?

Is it time to jump ship?

Not sure how other campuses are doing but we just let go of two other instructors. Is it time to jump ship? What's going here? It looked so promising at SAE, what went wrong?


Anyone know how the remaining Ambassadors are doing and if they are expected to remain in position amid the downsizing of Miami and marketing?

Miami Headquarters Office Down to Skeleton Crew

Call center employees have recently resigned; Marketing functions moved to Navitas' paid vendors; CEO came to Miami headquarters recently to "calm nerves" & reassure existing employees that the future is "bright and full of opportunity at SAE," but... read more

Financial Services Managers

So now they have hired Financial Services Managers at all campuses. I notice they didn't offer those positions to all the people they laid off! Hire! Fire! Hire! Fire! Do these idiots have any clue what they are doing?

ExPression Fall Out

ExPression is about to have another major fall out. And the big wigs at SAE either don't know or don't care. There are major issues here. Some were brewing before SAE came in. But they were fully disclosed. And now... plain negligence on SAE's part.

Natives Shares Falls: CEO says enrollments are "moderating"

This article today says that enrollments are "moderating", in layman's terms... slowing down: synonyms: die down, abate, let up, calm down, lessen, decrease, diminish.

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