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Financial Services Managers

So now they have hired Financial Services Managers at all campuses. I notice they didn't offer those positions to all the people they laid off! Hire! Fire! Hire! Fire! Do these idiots have any clue what they are doing?

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SAE does stuff ass backwards.......they have a proven track record of that so all this should not come as a surprise

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Thank you for clarifying jerry

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To 94691-you obviously don't know much about the current financial services set up at the campuses. the person at the campus does not accept the financial aid on the account. that is done by someone at the corporate office.

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Leave it up to Jerry Rivera who didn't realize this was a compliance issue

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You have to have a separation of duties. The person awarding financial aid cannot be the same person accepting financial aid on to the accounts. That allows for fraud and abuse -- which obviously SAE still hasn't learned!

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I think it was a cost savings move. Hire one person to do the job of two. Then pay them less than one was being paid. That way they can hire more admissions and marketing people. I doubt the people laid off would return for a pay cut.

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