Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Before I leave, I spoke with the 'mothership' about the SAE culture and current leadership team.

Do not worry my friends! These clowns will be uncovered -- again! I let it all go without hesitation to Navitas. They wouldnt believe half of the information I was providing. Pretentious leaders with hidden personal agendas. Inexperienced and way above their heads. Support team? Let me get another ridiculous spreadsheet provided on a Thursday with a due date of Friday.

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I left SAE recently. I loved working there, but could not stand the lack of discipline around the school. My department chair was "sick" at least once a month, which meant "work" from home for a WEEK. While at school, she would come late and leave early. No feedback, no over sight, no nothing from her. SAE needs a culling. Too late for me, I am already gone, but would love to get back in to a campus, maybe LA.

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Woot!! So glad he is gone. Guy always creeped me out. Just looked at people like a creeper.

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If it is him, he wasn't fired, he quiet. Rumor is he was on final warning.

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Wasn't this guy fired from Ex'pression? We are talking about drew right?

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Is this poster the same $*# clown that they hired in that Ai Hollywood school as dean?

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At least our director of education is finally gone. That guy was the worst and this description describes him exactly. So I feel a little better.

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