Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Outlook grim

Is it me or are things still looking grim at Group?

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It's easy to say to move on. I've been looking for months, nearly a year. nothing.

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You all are miserable. MOVE ON!!!!

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who cares, both are going down when expression isn't renewed for its lease

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You mean, SAE will be rolled up into Expression

by | Post ID: @AWmJ0SQ-5z08

Expressions will be rolled up into SAE San Fran

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We are all on borrowed time

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ExPression is still a miserable place. We are not paying the bills. The lease will end. Where will we go?

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Would seem there's your answer. No one left. Oh yeah. Miranda and Shipley. Yeah, George -- please sure with us your infinite wisdom and how your proven results for qualified students is saving SAE.

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