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ExPression Fall Out

ExPression is about to have another major fall out. And the big wigs at SAE either don't know or don't care. There are major issues here. Some were brewing before SAE came in. But they were fully disclosed. And now... plain negligence on SAE's part.

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"those who can't do, teach"....

I have been teaching and studying since the 90's, and have had lessons with folks who are top-level at their craft/art, and not all great artists can teach well in my experience. We have great educators at Ex'pression who are both industry tested as well as being great educators. On the other hand, we have students who need more than mere technical knowledge. They need mentoring, and that is something that requires more than simply being able to do professional production-level work. I am still on the side of our students, and on being an educator as much as (if not more than) a technician/artist.

As far as Fred Faridian is concerned, I think the man is trying to do an honest job but yes, in some respects; a fish out of water.

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And now another stupid hire. The new director of Education has no college level managing experience. Oh, Great. So, he worked at Capital Records. What about all the degree programs other than Sound Arts? Stupid to have gotten rid of Dr. Hansen. At least he knew his shit. And so did Levinson, Coan and Scanlon.

And now we hear of another long-time department head has given her notice. Just so sad.

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Those who can't do... teach

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Nor do the people that teach the classes and lead the depts. They couldn't get gigs within the industries they "teach". It would be cool for them to try, then show proof they declined the gig and wanted to just teach.

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I have a feeling as well too

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Care to elaborate, Tired Employee? What type of fall out?

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Fred... Nice guy. Doesn't know squat about our creative media industry. No one can relate to him.

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You're not the only one. We are all on eggshells. There is no communication. We are in the dark here.

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